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2022 Articles

Tennessee criminal codes and regulations can be difficult to understand when dealing with the legal system. Whether you’re a first offender or have visited the courtroom a handful of times, breaking the law isn’t something to take lightly. One of the things a majority of the public remains confused about...

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In the state of Tennessee, we treat court orders and probationary periods with utmost seriousness. Whether it’s minor traffic infractions or more serious criminal offenses, the Tennessee court system does not tolerate any disregard for the law. If you find yourself facing an arrest warrant, it’s essential that you fully...

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Life can be messy. Domestic partnerships, informal roommate situations, and other uncomfortable arrangements can leave us feeling exposed without a remedy under the law. To complicate matters, we’re not always on our best behavior when emotions run hot. Children, codependency, and romantic entanglements can cause us to take leave of...

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