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Beyond the Verdict: How an Assault Conviction Alters Your Path Forward

The consequences of getting convicted of an assault go beyond the courtroom, fines, or a jail sentence. Assault charges have lasting and profound effects, affecting many areas of your life, including your professional career and personal interactions.

An assault can be described as a criminal act that involves causing physical harm or engaging in unwanted physical contact with someone without their consent. These actions are considered unlawful and are subject to legal consequences. Fines and jail time might be temporary, but other consequences of assault charges can have long-lasting effects that will continue to follow you later in life. In this blog, the attorneys at Andrew Beasley will explore the impacts of assault conviction on your future. 

Five Impacts of Assault Conviction 

According to the criminal laws of the state of Tennessee, simple assault (inflicting or threatening to cause minor injuries, as well as engaging in inappropriate touching and using threatening words or behavior) is charged as a Class A misdemeanor punishable by up to one year in jail and fines of up to $2,500. However, aggravated assault, which involves intentionally or recklessly causing or attempting to cause significant physical harm to another person, is a Class C felony punishable by 3-15 years in prison. 

After being convicted of assault, the outcomes can become a barrier in many aspects of your life, Here are some of the impacts an assault conviction has on your future.

The Legal Consequences

Assault is something that the legal system takes very seriously in Tennessee. The legal consequences of an assault conviction can range from something as small as a fine to something as significant as probation or years of incarceration. The type of consequences an offender will face depends on the jurisdiction and the severity of the offense. In Nashville, TN, assault charges can lead to a tarnished criminal record that could haunt you for years. 

Professional Licenses

If you have a professional career that requires licenses, an assault charge can be particularly devastating. The regulatory bodies in these professions have stern ethical measures, and a conviction might lead to a revocation or suspension of your license. After facing a criminal charge of this nature, the career you’ve spent time building could be jeopardized. 

Employment Opportunities

In this case, employers carry out background checks before making a hire, and having a criminal record can dent your chances and raise concerns about your capabilities. Industries like law enforcement, healthcare, and law offices in Nashville, TN, have strict regulations that prevent those convicted of assault from getting a position. However, if you succeed in obtaining a position, you are likely to face limited growth opportunities and wage disparities compared to others. 

Educational Pursuits

Being convicted of assault hinders your educational pursuits because many educational institutions vet applicants by reviewing criminal and personal records during the admissions process. If the admissions office discovers assault charges in your background check, they may choose to reject your application or limit your access to financial aid and scholarship opportunities. In the case that you are already enrolled, the institution can choose to impose disciplinary actions affecting your academics and education as a whole.

Alleviating The Impacts

Being convicted of an assault is not the end of the world; the record stays with you, but with the proper legal advice and support, there are ways to mitigate the situation. If you are eligible, you might be able to file a petition for a record suspension or expungement, but you must wait five years after the charges are pressed before filing the petition. 

If the suspension is granted, only law enforcement and government agencies will be able to access your criminal record because it will be separated from your records. However, the record may be accessible again if you re-offend. 

Suspension of your record opens you up to more employment, education, and personal opportunities. For more information about record suspension and mitigation, get in touch with the attorneys at Andrew Beasley 

Why You Need a Representation

The negative consequences of an assault charge can be brutal to one’s future, and it’s crucial to understand the long-term consequences. No one wants to watch precious opportunities slip through their fingers because of their criminal record. Luckily, with the proper representation and legal advice, there are ways to minimize the devastating impacts of an assault charge. Seeking legal counsel from a defense attorney in Nashville could be your path to a new lease on life.

A professional criminal defense attorney like those at Andrew Beasley will provide effective representation and assist you in evaluating your potential options for a bright future after an assault charge. 

Assault Representation With Andrew Beasley in Nashville, TN

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