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How Long Will It Take to Resolve a Criminal Case?

The short answer to this question is, it depends. How long it will take to resolve your criminal case will depend on various factors, primarily including:

  • The complexity and specific facts of your case.
  • The time needed to investigate your case and gather supporting evidence.
  • Whether a favorable plea deal is on the table or going to trial is the best option for your situation.

Keep in mind that each criminal case is different, so the process will usually change based on these factors.

How Complicated is Your Case?

In most cases, multiple charges for related offenses can easily complicate a case. For instance, a DUI (driving under the influence) charge comes with a specific set of penalties. But what if you committed another offense that’s related to DUI? In this case, the prosecutor can charge you with another DUI-related offense, such as child endangerment, vehicular assault, or vehicular homicide.

Each DUI-related charge comes with its own set of potential penalties. It is up to your TN criminal defense lawyer and the prosecutor to investigate your case and negotiate the charges against you. If your case heads to trial, the jury must determine whether you are not guilty or guilty of all the charges. Then there’s the possibility of complicated evidentiary matters and continuances cropping up.

How Long Will The Investigation Take?

In general, the more complex the criminal case, the longer the time your lawyer needs to investigate your case and build your defense. The time needed to finish the investigation will typically depend on several factors, like the amount of evidence that was collected and must be processed, whether there are witnesses willing to testify, the amount of paperwork to be sorted, and the court’s schedule, among many others.

Will Your Case Head to Trial?

Depending on your circumstances, your TN criminal defense lawyer can conclude your case by negotiating with the prosecutor. But take note that plea bargains may not always be in the best interest of the defendant. If the prosecution refuses to play fair and your lawyer firmly believes you can secure a better deal or win your case by heading to trial, chances are that going to trial is the best move for you.

Going to trial can be intimidating and stressful, but our TN criminal defense lawyer will be with you throughout the entire process and work hard to:

  • File all exhibits and paperwork on time.
  • Find, interview, and prepare witnesses willing to testify.
  • Question all witnesses on the stand.
  • Perfect and deliver the arguments to the judge and jury.
  • Monitor the prosecutor’s conduct and file objections accordingly.
  • Secure the best possible outcome for your case.

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