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Why Do I Need a Criminal Defense Attorney?

You need a criminal defense attorney to ensure your legal rights are protected all throughout the criminal case and fight for your best interests if you’ve been arrested or charged with a criminal offense. When you’re facing a conviction, you’re also facing possible consequences that can negatively affect your freedom, reputation, personal life, career, and finances for a long time or forever.

At Andrew C. Beasley, PLLC, our TN criminal defense attorneys handle criminal cases involving, but not limited to:

Depending on the charges against you, we can also work on having your criminal record sealed or expunged to safeguard your privacy.

What Exactly Does a TN Criminal Defense Attorney Do?

Having a criminal defense attorney is crucial when you’re going through the criminal justice system. They provide legal experience, support, and knowledge, defend and protect their clients from unjust and prejudiced legal practices, and help navigate the court proceedings. Doing so will ensure their clients’ rights are protected. A TN criminal defense attorney also makes sure their clients understand the legal process and what they can expect to happen moving forward.

Why You Need a TN Criminal Defense Attorney When Facing an Arrest

Working with an attorney before you even get arrested can be extremely beneficial for various reasons. Your TN criminal defense attorney can work quickly to investigate your case to prove you didn’t commit the crime you’re being accused of. Consequently, the prosecutor might dismiss your case or opt to pursue a lesser charge and sentence.

Having a lawyer at this time will also help protect your legal rights by advising you how and when to talk to the police and preventing illegal searches and seizures.

Why You Need a TN Criminal Defense Attorney After You Have Been Charged With a Crime

Being represented by a TN criminal defense lawyer after you’ve received your charges can mean the difference between maintaining your freedom and getting incarcerated. They will carefully investigate the circumstances surrounding the alleged offense, interview witnesses, collect evidence to corroborate your story and weaken the prosecution’s case against you, and file the appropriate motions to develop and strengthen your defense strategy.

Additionally, they will discuss your situation without giving false hope and passing judgment to make certain you understand the case against you before making any decisions about your defense.

Reach Out to Our Seasoned TN Criminal Defense Attorney

If you’re facing any kind of criminal charges and need proven legal representation from a TN criminal defense attorney, contact Andrew C. Beasley, PLLC, now. We will aggressively pursue the best possible outcome for your situation by various means, including negotiating with the prosecution to potentially dismiss your case without heading to trial, reduce your charges, or secure a beneficial plea deal.

To arrange your free case evaluation with our TN criminal defense attorney, you can reach us by phone at 615-620-5803 or send us a message online.

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