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Possession with the Intent to Sell or Distribute

Charged with Possession with Intent to Sell?

Simple drug possession or a first-offense drug charge will considered a misdemeanor charge. In Tennessee, if you are arrested and possess half an ounce or more, you will be charged with the felony charge, possession with intent to sell. A drug-related felony charge carries much more severe penalties that include jail times, fines, and often times result in a suspended license. If you are facing such charges, you need to act fast to protect your future.

When you call on Andrew C. Beasley, PLLC, you can be confident knowing you have a trusted legal advocate on your side. Our team of Nashville drug possession lawyers is equipped to handle even the most complex cases. We know how to fight your charges and can negotiate or argue in court to get your charges reduced or dropped. With your freedom on the line, you cannot afford to go through this time without representation.

If you are facing criminal charges, take the first step to protect your future by scheduling a free case evaluation with a Nashville criminal defense lawyer now!

Defenses Against Possession with Intent to Sell Charges

In Nashville, you can be charged with possession with intent to sell, even if you actually never committed the crime of distributing or selling drugs. Law enforcement can arrest and charge you with this offense if you simply possess a certain amount of illegal substance, assuming that your intent was to engage in further criminal activity. This carries the penalties for possession and the penalties for distributing drugs as well. Marijuana charges vary in Tennessee, but anyone with more than half an ounce of marijuana found on their person could be charged with possession with the intent to resell this marijuana.

However, there are many defenses that can be employed against these charges, such as:

  • Demonstrating that the drugs were simply for personal use
  • Proving that you did not exercise possession over the substance
  • Showing that an illegal search and seizure was used to obtain evidence
  • Lack of sufficient evidence to prove possession with intent

Aggressive Nashville Defense Attorney

If you or a loved one are facing criminal charges, it is important to seek legal counsel from an experienced Nashville criminal defense lawyer. We have the knowledge necessary to defend you and your future. The higher the amount of drug involved, the more likely law enforcement will seek possession with the intent to distribute or sell charges. Investigators will also look into how the drugs were packaged, whether large amounts of cash were found on the scene and other factors that may indicate a drug operation was going on. Still, proving these claims can be challenging for the prosecution, especially when an aggressive legal advocate is on your side who can utilize the defenses above.

Possession with the intent to sell is a felony in Tennessee. Trust a fierce Nashville drug crime attorney who is ready to fight on your behalf. Schedule a free case review now!

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